So here I sit, coffee in hand debating whether to wash the floors or…okay I would rather do anything but wash floors sadly two dogs + two kids means I don’t have a lot of choice.  I am constantly surprised by the volume of fur I sweep up daily, how are my dogs not bald already?  Ughh.

Today is a two post day.  Mainly because I have a delightful draft all about biting the bullet and making some big changes all ready to go – except the pictures that go with it are all on my phone.  My phone is currently MIA due to the fact my kids are on vacation and steal it off the charger before I am even out of bed in the morning.  Somewhere in my house a depressed, lifeless iPhone is waiting patiently to be found and resuscitated – and when it is I shall immediately post my other blurb.

In the meantime, I am patiently waiting for my weigh-in tomorrow.  Okay not “patiently” but, I am feeling fairly positive about the whole thing.  Which is a nice change.  I am also feeling a little bit “meh”.  I am lacking a long term “big” goal.  My knee is proving to be more than slightly annoying.  Not sure if it is protesting because of the extra weight, because of the fall I had in January, or from all the bad tackles I took way back when I played rugby. Regardless, it isn’t working….although, I am not giving up, I would still like to run a half marathon next year. I am just going to have to alter my training schedule. 

I have been rocking the weight watchers for almost two weeks now, still loving it – more so when I can track everything on my phone.  Some of the point values blow my mind.  It’s nice that I can gorge on veggies without worrying about points though.  I am a little concerned for what the point values will be when I start putting in recipes that call for coconut oil and/or avocado.  Regardless, it is all part of the awareness factor.  I am still weighing and measuring food to make sure my portions are bang on.  The hubs told me that my stomach looks flatter last night, so…..I guess that is a good thing right? 

I have adopted a pretty repetitive eating routine through the day.  I am finding it easier to monitor what is hitting my mouth that way.  Soup, salad, smoothie, chicken, and fish all seem to be making fairly regular appearances.  At first I was eating the salad out of some sense of obligation but, two weeks in and I can honestly say I am starting to look forward to the crisp and cool veggies in the middle of the day. 

Okay, I have to go….the kids are officially driving me up the wall today.  If food is not present the instant they proclaim they are “starving” all heck breaks loose.