Everyone tells you that prior to starting a “health” journey you should take a “before” picture.  I hate taking before pictures.  They are depressing, at least in the moment they are taken.  Camera’s don’t lie to you.  They tell you exactly what you have done to yourself – and honesty is a bitch.

I have been on a partially committed journey to health and wellness for a few years now.  By partially committed I mean I wanted to be healthy without actually doing anything different.  Yeah, I get how amazingly ridiculous that sounds but, I am not alone.  There is a reason the diet industry is making multiple billions in profit.
Anyway, last March or so I took a picture of myself.  A profile shot.  The least forgiving shot you can take of yourself – especially when your self-esteem is teetering on non-existent.  This is my “before” shot….
 …this is what approximately 205lbs of self-loathing looks like.  I had a 38 inch waist.  I am not embarrassed by the picture anymore.  I get that this is what happens when your life implodes and you try to make yourself feel better with french fries.
This is where I am now…

…182 lbs of occasionally loathing, but mostly awesome, self-talk.  My waist is hovering around a 33.  This is a year of “half-assed” paleo and I am fairly impressed with the difference.
So, now you know what I look like, I am not some fabulously in shape, always eats healthy kind of girl.  I am a girl who watches what she eats, who leaves it all in a sweat puddle at the gym, and above all is still a work in progress.
In exactly 27 days I will post a new picture – in the same purple shirt and pants, in front of my fridge – so you can see what differences happen to an absolutely average body when you follow a Whole30.

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