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Hello beautiful people!  It is Wednesday, hump day….I actually dislike Wednesday more than most people dislike Monday.  It is a work day.  The day of the week that usually finds me running short on food, patience, and sleep.  I have the boring “housework” to do…hard to get worked up over cleaning toilets and washing down walls – well, I suppose you could get excited over it but, I am not that kind of girl.

Today is also a non-workout day.  I do a few standard exercise related things but, all at home.  Sit-ups, push-ups, squats, lunges, burpees, a killer leg lift combo, some planks, and lastly a few burpees.  Okay, that may seem like a workout but, it isn’t done as a circuit or at some breakneck pace.  It is just something I started with my kids because…well, they drive me nuts and this seemed like a fun way to burn some energy.  Sometimes we finish, sometimes we don’t, the key is I get them moving and watching a 3 year old doing burpees is so worth the effort.

Anyway, hump day is menu planning day!  Exciting.  The procrastinator in me loathes…I should say LOATHES…menu planning however, the lazy part of me loves the results of  menu planning because I can basically go on food autopilot once the shopping and prep is done.  Hip, Hip, Hooray for autopilot!  I am feeling a little “cabin feverish” this week so I think I am going to spice things up a little on the food side, some mexican or cajun inspired dishes perhaps?  When I know my menu you will too.  Expect a few links tomorrow and Friday.

On a completely different note my entire lower body hurts from yesterday’s delightful workout.  I mean “use the counter to lower yourself on to the toilet” sore.  I guess that is a good thing, right?  No pain, no gain and all that crap you say to yourself to encourage your brain to accept what you are about to willingly do to your body.  It will all be worth it when I have one of those delightfully perky asses rather than the slightly depressed, post childbirth butt I currently possess.  Or, that’s what I am sticking with.

As for today’s meals, it was a fairly standard sort of day.  There was the scrambled eggs, the shredded sweet potato, the pork patty with italian seasoning, and a half glass of orange juice and cup of coffee.  Lunch was a deliciously spicy red pepper soup which I referenced in yesterday’s post (honestly I can not say enough good things about this soup) and a generous helping of spice pork along side a plain old boring salad. I haven’t really given much thought to dinner (see, procrastinator)  I am thinking grilled fish, some steamed veggies and possibly roasted potato wedges.  Regardless, I will update the recipe section tonight because all of these are Momma Potato originals.

Tomorrow I will natter non-stop about things I have learned to get my kids onboard with this “grain-limited” lifestyle….it’s good stuff, and I am not above bribery.


So, as I covered in my earlier post I am in the warm up process of my second Whole 30.  I am pretty much following “paleo” eating….okay minus that piece of delicious cake I ate this weekend and, let’s be honest….if Grok had ever been presented cake with buttercream icing he totally would have eaten it too.

So this weekend was a selection of hits and misses.  There was a lot of play happening in the potato household …. 4 hours of swimming and water sliding on Saturday, hockey practice and housework (okay, that wasn’t play) on Sunday and yesterday involved me lacing up a pair of hockey skates – for the first time ever – and proceeding to twirl, stumble and shimmy may way across some outdoor ice for close to two hours.  Much fun and subsequently sore muscles were had by all.

Then there is the food preparation part of the weekend.  If you are going to eat whole, nutritious foods you are going to put in some work along the way.  So, if you are as lazy as I am  there is only one thing to do.  BIG BATCHES  why cook twice when you can just cook double the amount of food?  There was a double batch of Roasted Red Pepper Soup except rather than use sausage we made spiced pork patties – I would give you a recipe but honestly it was a “what smells good in the spice cupboard” kind of experiment.  We also threw together some spare ribs with our slow cooker doing the bulk of the work.  We made up a batch of Dirty Paleo Rice which is AWESOME!!  Lastly we t tossed up a mixed veggie stir fry (broccoli, celery, carrots, onion, bok choy, mushrooms, and mixed sweet peppers).  Oh and there is shredded sweet potato for breakfasts because really, who has time to make fresh sweet potato every morning?

And other exciting things…I took “before” pictures!  I will post them on their own page along with measurements and weight so you can track my progress with me.  Oh, much fun and merriment will be had.  I also have photos of my food but I have to get them off my phone so I will update this later tonight with pictures of EVERYTHING!!  Yeah.

My workout today was a personal training session – it was leg day.  I despise leg day.  My legs are always on fire and I always end up feeling sick.  I think it is because they are such big muscles and I very rarely push them.  Who knows.  There were twisty squats with jumps, and stairs, and abdominal tucks, and single leg squat jump thingies (I know, I am pretty sure that is their real name though), and a bunch of other things that were only marginally less painful.  One day I will get my trainer to take a picture and you can see what a mess I am in the gym.  There are women who go to the gym and you would never know they worked out.  I am not those women.  I am red in the face, dripping with sweat, gasping for air like no one’s business.  I love and loathe the gym.

So I am done chatting for the day, I will be back later to update photos and possibly start a “recipes” or “daily meals” type page.  Who knows, this is a work in progress.  Right now though, I have to crawl up the stairs and get a shower.