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A most excellent day was had by the Potato Tribe today.

First, the husband is off work for a week and decided that I too needed a few hours of down time so he took the kids to the splash park and allowed me to stay home and just chillax a bit.  It was awesome.  I promptly poured myself a glass of lemon water, a bowl of homemade raisin bran/flax, a coffee, grabbed a ginormous apple and headed to the backyard.

After that delightful respite I picked up my phone, caught up on some texting and emails, and foolishly checked to see if the crazy woman of Wednesday acknowledged me.  She has not.  Which is fine, the universe has a fabulous way of having things blow up in the face of these people.  Besides, she has been on the same forum for 4 years and has managed to create zero physical or personal changes…so, she is basically unsuccessful at the lifestyle which she is promoting and is trying to lead others….kinda like a high school drop out teaching chemistry if you ask me.

Anyway, then the children came home. We filled up the splash pool and and set up the sprinkler.  We have been outside all day. Water gun fights, bucket fights, lounging.  It was a fabulous day.

For dinner we decided to create nachos….they were awesome!!! I haven’t made nachos in years, since we turned “paleo”.  Seriously, the best nachos ever.  Ground beef, tomatoes, fresh jalapeños, fresh salsa, some sour cream, and fabulous cheese.  Mmm. We only ate about 1/3 of what we made so they are wrapped up in the fridge and ready to be reheated as part of lunch.

Then it was back to the deck, the splash pool and the water guns.  I don’t mean to brag but, I totally whooped my 3 year old.  Sure, I always gave him a 10 count head start at firing but, I am bigger and I have better aim. Muah ah ah.

I am continuing to track my food on Weight Watchers, which is ridiculously easy.  I sorta cringed at the idea of it, but I really like it.  I haven’t joined any of the forums yet, instead I creep around and read what’s there.  They all seem so friendly and it definitely does not seem to be “micromanaged” by one specific person.  It is nice.  Still, I will stay in the background for awhile.

So, recipes…you know you are curious about what I have been up too.  I have tweaked a delicious version of honey dill salad dressing/dipping sauce with greek yogurt rather than mayo.  I am planning on making it through the week.  I will take photos, and put it up for you.  I am also hard at work trying to create a homemade version of Starbucks’ Cool Lime Refresher.  I almost have it, probably one or two more trials and it will be ready.

Pictures, they are coming too.  I managed to lock out the mobile version of WordPress (because I am brilliant with technology) so as soon as that is fixed up I will post some stuff for you…the kitchen overhaul, a few meals, some glorious “pre-summer” photos…which will then be compared to “post summer” photos.  Post summer will be….September 1, 2013.

So that is all my lovelies.  If I am not on I hope you have a wonderful Canada Day, and I will probably be on before then but, Happy Independence Day to my southern friends.


I’ve done this before.  I knew what to expect.  I was prepared for it.
No, no I wasn’t.  This time is so much worse.  I remember reading on a few forum posts that the second time around is brutal for a lot of people, but I ignored that and thought I would be different. I was wrong.
I want to crucify a chocolate bunny and then eat its remains.  Yeah!  The scene would look something like this….. 
….except instead of Robert Carlyle with blood dripping everywhere….it would be me with the zombie eyes and the melted remains of an innocent Mr. Munchie Easter bunny all over my face.  Not pretty.   Imagine the background noise of two distressed children because mommy went “28 Weeks Later” on their Easter candy and you have a rough approximation of where I am at right now.  
Add to this the general sense of rage I am feeling over the fact that I have imposed this arbitrary embargo on all things sugar related and my day starts to get interesting.  I literally bounce between wanting to eat my weight in Toblerone bars to wanting drown myself in the shower because I am so pissed off at myself for not being able to eat the aforementioned sugar bomb (like my use of a big word there…I used to work for a lawyer).  I honestly do not know what way is up today.  All I really know is that I am on the verge of “pregnancy level” imbalance and I don’t like it.   I am a monster.
Over and above that my mouth feels odd, like I have been sucking on a battery or something.  It’s gross.  Metallic tasting.   I am drowning myself in water trying to get rid of it and it just won’t go away.
Despite all this emotional turmoil and weird mouth business I did have a “breakthrough” of sorts today.  My kids were driving me nuts, I recognize they weren’t doing anything unusually aggravating but, I was being driven up the wall regardless.  So, after picking up my oldest from kindergarten I decided to pack them into our car and drive to the den of inequity that is McDonald’s and get them Happy Meals.  We were scooting along the road to GMO heaven when suddenly I thought, “what the hell are you doing?”  (sorry, but I actually think with curse words)  So, I kept on driving right to the Starbucks pick-up window and ordered a brewed coffee (black) and came home.  I prepared some leftover chicken, some soup, and a small salad.  Oddly enough my salad, soup and chicken did not leave me with that awful junk food feeling in my belly.  What’s more, I actually feel sorta … awesome about my choice to drive past McDirty’s.  My kids, on the other hand were extremely perturbed that I would go to Starbucks and not get them cake pops.  Sorry tator tots, but if I am suffering you should too.  Have some carrots and celery instead.
This has been my day so far and it is only 3 PM.  I have 4 hours until the tator tots go to bed, 3 hours until Mr. Potato comes home, and about 37 seconds left of patience.  Tomorrow’s post should be fun….or bitchy….only time will tell.
Toodles, my lovelies.