So, the kitchen reorganisation did not go entirely as planned the weekend got in the way, as well as a husband and kids.  So I opted to wait out two weeks and, when the husband goes back to work, finish it at a later time.  I did manage to get a lot thrown out.  So that was a bonus.

On Sunday evening my lovely fur ball named Molly ate an entire bottle of canine pain killers….always awesome.  She spent 3 days at the vet have her stomach purged, filled with charcoal and her little body filled with antibiotics, anti-ulcer medication and … there was something else, the bottle is on the counter but I am too lazy to walk over and get it.  She is home now, healthy and recovering and it all came in under the bargain price of $1,600.00!  Bonus, I thought it would be closer to 2 grand.

We finished up school this week, I am now the proud mom of a first grader.  Yeah!!  If I can just figure out what I am going to do to entertain them for the next 8 weeks I will be golden.

This week saw the start of something new for me.  I was participating in an exercise.  Something was said (well, written actually…damn written word gets you every time) that I took offence to.  Rather than stew over it for a few hours, as I am prone to do, and let it stress me out which will result in me seeking comfort in something deep fried I opted to send a message to the person stating how I felt, and why.  I expected to hear the standard, oh sorry, that was not how it was meant to sound, I can see why you may have thought that.  Let me explain myself better.  What I got was an emotional, defensive attack message. Prior to being able to respond the sender altered their settings (unfriended and/or blocked) and my subsequent messages were all sent back to me with a Facebook notification stating I had ben removed, blocked or unfriended and would no longer be able to contact the person via this method.  Gotta love Facebook.  I am pretty sure she didn’t count on me getting that.

I was completely taken aback.  I then waited a few hours and attempted a third and final time to contact the person to clarify my position.  Still no change so, I made a post on another forum to which we belong, summarizing the situation and requesting clarification with respect to a specific point.  She still opted to ignore me.  Fair enough, I posted a further comment stating that it was unfortunate that she was passing on mis-information with respect to this topic and that, if she decided, I would be up to discussing this further.  At which point I removed my profile entirely from the facebook site, as I no longer had access to any of it.

Enter the evening, as a result of this event not only did my stress levels go through the roof but I actually had a very strong physical reaction to the situation, I ended up with a migraine, vomiting and, shall we say, other digestive issues.  I checked back on the forum the following evening in the hopes that she would acknowledge me and what greeted me was a verbal onslaught from one of her friends.   The terms manipulative, liar, and fraud were thrown my way along with a few others.  As well as a fairly detailed and fabricated/embellished, account of an event which this person was not a party to given the entire situation involved a single personal message and possibly 3 comments on a group forum.  I was then treated to a detailed accounting  of the verifiable sainthood of this woman and, that given her long and glorious relationship with the community, there is no way this event could have possibly happened the way I said it did.  It ended with a warning to the forum about how “angry” I was….which is awesome given I specifically wrote in my message that I was not, in fact angry, nor was I mad, I was simply offended by the wording of her comment.

Enter night two of vomiting, migraine and digestive upset except this time I was so upset I couldn’t sleep.  There is one thing I can not handle and that is people accusing me of lying.  I have long list of personal  flaws, but lying is not on them.  In fact my honesty has gotten me in trouble on more then one occasion. In fact, I have learned to screen shot my personal conversations with some people specifically for this reason.

So, I got up this morning, contacted another administrator of the forum and advised them that I had removed the post as my intention was never to start a war but, only reach the person who cut off contact in the first place and try to explain that I wasn’t attacking her, I was only pointing out that I had taken the commentary personally and that I still needed clarification of a discrepancy.

I consider this, my first attempt at subverting stress by dealing with a situation directly, a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to its outcome.  It was in no way successful with respect to the goal of limiting stress and emotional turmoil.  It was however a rousing success in that, when confronted with a situation that was 10 worse than I could have possibly imagined I came through it relatively okay.  I didn’t dive into a bowl of chips.  I did not race to the nearest drive through.  I simply drank water, ate healthy and hoped that someone, anyone, would extend a hand and offer me the benefit of the doubt.  Which has sort of happened.

So that was my week.  Oh, and I joined Weight Watchers.  I figured, with my healthy eating coming along just fine, it was time to find a group to gather support from….because my most recent experience has left me somewhat in doubt of the viability of the “forum”.  In all the other forums I have belonged to over the years I have never seen what happened here happen anywhere else and I have belonged to some pretty gung-ho, semi-militant, paleo groups.