At some random moment yesterday I had a revelation.  Immediately after tripping over one of my husband’s many laptops (techies, pfft) I realized that while cleaning up my body, cleaning up my diet, cleaning up my thought process are all great things to aim for…I should also be cleaning up my living space.  After all, my home is a direct reflection on, not only me and how I currently feel about myself, but also my children, my husband, and my marriage.  Sure, there are those out there that will inevitability deny this and  think somehow keeping a tidy house means that all of the hard work of the early feminists was wasted but, keeping a clean house isn’t sexist…it’s necessary.

My house is not dirty….it is just extremely unorganised, very messy, and too cluttered.  Sort of like it’s owner.  Yeah…I am smart, I am capable, and I am the least organised person I know.  When your report cards all the way through school consistently point out your tendency to be scattered, at some point you have to acknowledge they may have a point.   It isn’t even that I dislike cleaning.  I just can’t seem to stay on top of anything….EVER.  My fridge, my pantry, my bathroom cupboards, my dresser…it doesn’t matter.  It starts out nice and organised and ends up looking like a blind toddler tried to put my belongings away.  Honestly, it’s brutal.

I don’t mean to sound like an out dated fuddy duddy but seriously, there should be an elective in school that boys and girls have to take with respect to running a home.  I took Home Ec.  but, rolling out some Pillsbury Pastry and making muffins from a mix does not exactly prep one for the real world.  Now, I am not saying that we need to learn how to mix the perfect dry martini and lay out the breadwinner’s favourite lounge wear immediately upon their arrival from work.  I am saying that budgeting (money and time) would be worthwhile.  Cleaning tips, how to organise your home/workspace effectively, menu planning, grocery shopping…these are all life skills that used to be taught in school, and I personally think they should be taught again.  Obviously, with the surplus of cleaning services, home organisation services etc. we need it.

Okay, so I got that off my chest.  Onto the real stuff.  Rule No. 1 – Tackle the Worst First.  My first….the kitchen/back porch/dining room area.  It is the worst not only because it is disorganised but, also because it is where I spend the majority of my time.  This area sees the most traffic in my home.  It is prone to occasionally blowing up into random piles of paper, books, toys, leftovers, general mess, and dirtiness as a result of not being thoroughly cleaned after cooking/meals/snacks etc.  It is also where, as someone how is trying to completely change the way the shop, store, prepare, and eat food, it is the most vital that it is set up intuitively.  The less work I have to do preparing to cook food, the more likely I am to do it… all comes down to my innate laziness.

This morning I ran around my house and took pictures.  Horrible, embarrassing pictures that are a literal snapshot of what my house can look like at any given time.  Over the next month I have the goal of organising and decluttering my  entire house – from top to bottom, every little nook and cranny.  My intention is to update you here as to my progress.  What I have found works and what doesn’t.  I will show you how I have set up my kitchen/fridge/pantry to ensure I see further success at my changed eating habit.   I am relying heavily on other experts in the field of home organisation to get this done.

I hope to have “Area 1” finished by Sunday evening – along with food prep for next week.  I will put up the “before”, “during” and “after” shots with my Sunday post.  I will also put up my menu for the week and some of the ideas I have stumbled upon to further help me make clean eating as painless as possible.

As for workouts, I have managed to tweak my knee.  Not sure what I did.  As a result, I have to lay off the running and the TurboFire for a few days.  I am going to be walking my dogs and children instead.  Slow and steady.