Like my totally awesome play on a U2 song?  Yeah, I know.  I am brilliant.  Well here we are at the end of the week, are you ready for Monday?  I am most definitely, sorta ready.  I am going to make the standard “bignormous” salad, some egg muffins, and possibly some kale chips tonight.  My 3 year old has been pestering me for “green chips” for 4 days now, its sweet and annoying….you know, in the sense that he is three and craves much healthier food than I do.
This is the youngest tator tot “sneaking” green chips at about 730 in the morning….part of me wanted to tell him no, another part of me was thinking “shut up the kid is eating kale, be happy”.  
We spent the day cleaning up our house and filling in chips in our walls courtesy of some tator tot hot wheel racing.  Man, who knew such tiny cars could create so much damage?  It was like all of a sudden we realized that our house looked like a war zone.  
We didn’t do too much food planning today, although there will be red curry shrimp on the menu this week – which I will post pictures of on Tuesday.  We are making the Citrus Carnitas I mentioned a few weeks ago later in the week and there are plans to roast a turkey…or cut one up and do it on the BBQ, we aren’t totally sure what our decision will be.  I am also going to make a “quiche” with zucchini and carrots to keep in the fridge and lastly I will cook up some zucchini noodles to keep on hand for breakfast.
As far as cooking is concerned, we had the last of the bomb ass cauliflower jumble for lunch today.  For dinner we, and by we I mean the Hubs, made a delicious roast beef…..
he seared it in the roasting pan first, coated it in fresh cracked pepper, then threw that bad boy in the oven. We served it with mashed turnip (rutabaga for my southern friends) and some steamed carrots. Cracked pepper seemed to be the seasoning of choice as it was added, rather liberally, to everything.  Normally we have only one starchy vegetable with dinner but, when the man wants turnip and carrots and is willing to cook them both, who am I to complain.
Anyway, it is time for me to run a bath for my tator tots and settle in for an intense evening of Once Upon a Time and Game of Thrones.  Woo hoo, my favourite night of television.
Toodles Poodles!
Sometimes I like to pretend poodles sound like Robert DeNiro
“Are you talking to me?  Are YOU talking to ME!?”
Poodles are bad ass.