So I didn’t write a post yesterday.  Sorry.  I didn’t fall off the food wagon or anything like that I was just tired.  I opted to spend a few hours fooling around with my kids rather than clicking away at the keyboard of my laptop.  Today they seem content to play toys upstairs so I have an hour to “journal”.
Yesterday was a pretty decent day.  I made an effort to make sure I got my full two cups of veggies in during my breakfast, I actually added a little more than that because it was a trainer day.  On trainer days I tend to look and feel like an exhausted zombie by 4pm so I am trying to adjust my diet to see if I can improve that.  
My day yesterday was go to the gym and workout under the supervision of Derick….because I need the kick in the ass and the accountability of someone else to get me there.  It was a fun day.  I think I broke my ass doing squats.  Admittedly, I always think I have broken my behind and, to date, it has remained fully intact and not broken.
After my epic gym session I came home and ate my pre-portioned lunch.  I am learning that I do much, much better if I drop the variety and stick to a few repeater type meals through the day.  Dinners will be different each night but lunch and breakfast are pretty much repeats…day after day after day. I also do better if I portion out my lunch first thing in the morning and treat it like a bagged lunch at work.  It saves me having to rummage through the fridge.  I have been at this a week now and I think I am starting to get my meals portioned out well enough that I do not feel the need to snack in the morning or afternoon so, yeah me!
Anyway, last night was pretty standard we had another serving of that most awesome stir fry from Monday.  It has quite the kick to it.  I put down 32 oz. of water while I ate it, which is weird since “heat” usually doesn’t bug me.  I did get a killer attack of the munchies at about 9 pm last night….I mean grumbling tummy, getting bitchy hungry so I warmed up a cup of sweet potato.  It did the trick.
Today has been good.  I got up and finished off the last of my egg muffins.  I also had a ginormous portion of zucchini, which is quickly becoming a breakfast favourite. I have managed to not have coffee for TWO days now.  So far no withdrawal from that, but honestly my body is craving so many other things right now I may not even notice the coffee related stuff.
I went to the gym today….ALONE!!  No trainer appointment.  I just went and did 50 minutes of mixed cardio and then about 15 minutes of core and stretching.  Yeah.  I am a superstar.  This is a major step for me, the last time I hit the gym without an actual appointment was approximately 3 years ago.  I would also like to point out I worked hard…sweated like no ones business….even the tops of my hands were sweating….it was gross and beautiful.
Now I am home, the tator tots are….well, they are kids….so energetic, loud and prone to fighting.  I am starting to figure out what to make for dinner.  I have a brutal craving for chicken wings so, it will be a roast chicken of some sort I will post the pictures if it turns out 🙂  Thinking of roasting broccoli as well, I have read a few recipes and it looks really good.
Anyway, this has been my day.  Sorry no pictures today, my phone is charging and all my food is repeats so I didn’t see the point.  I will make up for it tomorrow.
Later my lovelies.