So I have been sleeping like crap.  Worse then crap.  Not sure what the deal is.  Okay, that is a lie I totally know what the deal is.  Some random background information….my husband snores like a bear with a stuffy nose.   As a result of his exuberant nasal noise and his annoying habit of falling asleep in 2.3 seconds, I have slept with ear plugs for 6 years.  I became a terrible sleeper.  I couldn’t fall asleep because I was so stressed out wondering when the noise would start.  It was horrible. 
Then I did the Whole30 in January.  I hadn’t worn ear plugs in 4 months.  He still snores like a machine but, I fall asleep so fast and so soundly that I don’t even hear it.  It is AMAZING.  One of the things that made me realize I need to do Whole30 again is that my sleep is slipping…I wore ear plugs last week. Bad diet equals bad sleep.  I am a girl who needs her sleep.  I have been slowly getting my Whole30 on track and my sleep has miraculously settled back to what it was like a month ago.
Long story short, I am running a bit of a sleep deficit so I am really craving the starchy carbs and my body just doesn’t feel 100% so I did not go to the gym as planned.  I did walk the dogs and do a handful of sit-ups but that is pretty much it.  In a further effort to spruce up my day I decided to dress up my table in the linens I bought while on a trip to Mexico with the hubs…..suddenly I am in the mood for tacos, or shrimp, or enchiladas, I would settle for beer though (that one belongs to the hubs).
As for food this morning I had some pizza egg muffins.  Which were delicious.  I had a handful of kale as well, along with two cups of coffee with coconut milk.  I realized I may be using my coffee as a bit of a crutch when I caught myself heading for my third cup….so starting tomorrow I am down to one cup plus herbal tea.  I do not want to rely on coffee to get me through the morning.
At lunch I went a little food crazy (see, the babble about the sleep issues is suddenly relevant).  I had about 3/4 of a cup of roasted sweet potato, about the same amount of sauteed zucchini, about 5 pieces of the citrus carnitas leftover from yesterday’s dinner, and a ginormous bowl of tomato basil soup.  I also knocked down about 30 oz of water because I was crazy thirsty.
Dinner was an amazing stir fry.  I mean amazing.  I wasn’t expecting the heat in the sauce but it was so welcome.  I only wish that I could have had a beer to wash it down with….chilli peppers and beer go so well together.   The stir fry consisted of steak, broccoli, bok choy, celery, carrots, red and orange sweet peppers and water chestnuts.  It was all served over “fried” cauli-rice complete with egg and mushrooms.  I would love to say I made this meal all by myself, but I pretty much tapped out after prep and sent in the husband.  I have an amazing husband when he isn’t annoying me.
So that was my day.  I am about to head off to the shower and rinse the last of my daily stress away.  Hope you all have a wonderful evening, and I will see you tomorrow.  
Stay lovely