On a scale of 1-10, 10 being EPIC level awesomeness, today was about 5.  Yeah a 5, and that is being generous.  Not because of any one thing really, the whole day just had an air of general “meh-ness” about it.  You know?
Because I have no idea who, if anyone is reading this (it shows views but the fact I am stalking myself on line has skewed my results a little) I have no idea what I should write about.  When in doubt it is always worthwhile to write about food!
So, you may or may not know I am participating in a Whole30, which is a lovely little elimination protocol created by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig.  They have a fabulous website/blog/forum at Whole 9 where you can read all about completing the Whole30 (see that, I even linked directly to the program).  Should you decide you would like more in depth information about it you can read about it in their book “It Starts With Food”  which is available at Amazon or at Chapters (okay, busted, I am Canadian – the links I provide will usually point to the Canadian sites, unless the items I am talking about are only available in the US).  Anyway, the program is basically a very strict version of “Paleo” style eating.  I am not, at this point, going to launch into a segment on Paleo however, I will confirm the details for those of you (if any) who are in the dark.  Basically, paleo-ites don’t eat grains, we don’t eat refined sugars, processed foods, or legumes, some of us eat dairy, some don’t however, for the purpose of the Whole30 dairy is a no no, I am sure I am forgetting things I don’t eat simply by virtue of the fact I haven’t eaten them in a while.  What do paleo-ites eat?  Simple we dine on copious amounts of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, luxurious and healthy animal protein sources.  We eat bacon although, not nearly as frequently as our blogs would have you believe.   
I am officially on day 2 of my Whole30.  I am tired.  I am unfocused.  I am having a severely hard time even focussing enough to write this.  Day two means I have had no sugar (except what is found naturally in vegetables) for 48 hours.  Honestly, my brain is not functioning.  My husband has also just started watching Top Gun….is there anything sexier than a naval aviator?  I mean seriously?  If your answer was yes….your answer was invalid.  There is nothing sexier than dudes that fly planes that land on ships. Now, where was I?  Damn you Tom Cruise.
So, breakfast.  Today I had mini pizza eggs from Paleo Parent’s “Eat Like A Dinosaur” which are delicious, as well as some plain old oven roasted sweet potatoes.
Lunch was two hard boiled eggs and a fairly standard tossed salad and a green tipped banana.
Dinner was mustard glazed chicken from Balanced Bites, specifically her cookbook “Practical Paleo”, some left over roasted brussels sprouts, and some more salad.
I would love to chat more but, honestly….I keep getting distracted by the antics of Goose and Maverick – because someone has lost that loving feeling.  Ohhhh, Maverick – I love you.

This is sugar withdrawal my friends, in all its absent-minded brilliance.