All about me…the core details…I am a girl, a mom, a wife, a dog owner, and a former athlete turned epic beer and chicken wing consumer.  I love cooking, but mostly eating, food.  I am a prolific procrastinator.  I am also lazy.  I am addicted to convenience.  I love adventure.  I am always game for something new.  I love simple sentences.
Now I am staring down the barrel at 40 – okay it’s still 4 years away – and the idea of “dieting” for the rest of my life is horrifying.  What is a lazy procrastinator like me supposed to do?  It is becoming rather obvious that simply reading fitness magazines and telling people I follow an “ancestral” eating template (all the while sneaking in chips, Pepsi and the occasional 3 or 4 Cuba Libres) is not working.  I am starting to think I may *gasp* actually have to do something.
Which brings me here.  I hate logging food, I despise calorie watching, or pulling out the old “journal” to talk to myself.  I do, however, love wasting time on the computer and writing ridiculously long emails full of pictures and details which I think are amusing. The idea of posting meals, and workouts and summaries of my day for people to read and find some humour in is alluring.
So that is what I will do.  My hits, my misses, my triumphs and my epic, if hilarious, failures.